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Humorous Monster Jokes

Here is our collection of humorous jokes and funny stories about monsters.
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What is a monster's favorite type of soup?
Scream of tomato.

What do you get if you cross a tall green monster with a ballpoint pen?
The Ink-credible Hulk.

What should you do if you find a green monster?
Leave it in the sun until it ripens.

What food do monsters who are on vacation in Italy like to eat?

What is the easiest way to check whether a monster is friendly?
Give him a piece of cake and see if he bites the hand that feeds him.

Which untidy monster lives in a Scottish loch?
The Loch Mess Monster.

What do monsters like to eat when they have a cup of tea?
Scream cakes.

What kind of horses do monsters like to ride? Night mares.

What do get if you cross the Abominable Snowman with Count Dracula?
Severe frostbite.

Frankenstein was lonely until he learned how to make new friends.

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